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Cloud computing is the showiest technical development of the twenty-first century. This is due to the fact that it has been adopted into the mainstream at a faster rate than any other technology in the sector. The ever-increasing number of smartphones and mobile devices that can access the internet has spurred this adoption. Cloud consulting services aren’t just for corporations and organizations; it’s also beneficial to the regular consumer. It allows us to execute software applications without having to install them on our computers; it allows us to save and access our multimedia material through the internet, and it allows us to build and test programs without the need for servers. Cloud computing is a 21st-century miracle with applications in practically every sector imaginable.

Why we need cloud strategy consulting, for example, is a question that many of us are likely to ponder. Essentially, cloud computing is required due to the various personal and corporate issues that we face nowadays. These issues vary from purchasing and maintaining costly hardware and software resources that we utilize in our everyday operations to optimizing these resources in the most effective manner for our own and societal benefit. In dealing with these issues, cloud technology consulting has provided various benefits that have exceeded our expectations and offered more than we had anticipated.

We are an all-inclusive Cloud consulting Service Provider (CSP) offering the best-in-class cloud services with different alternatives, whether your applications are operating on an on-premise captive data centre, a 3rd-party hosted private/public cloud or a combination of the two. Furthermore, we can grow and move the application workloads you want in a seamless manner.

Cloud computing is making emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, distributed ledger technology, and many other capabilities available as services. Our app developers at QSET are experts at designing, developing, testing, and deploying feature-rich Android apps. We’ve successfully serviced a variety of clients with varying objectives, putting us in a position to tackle a wide range of complex app difficulties. Get in touch with us and hire us for the top-level cloud computing consulting services.

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    Cloud Advisory

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    Migration Services

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    Managed Services

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    AWS Architected

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    AWS Cloud Services

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers compute, storage, network and database products that can be used as building blocks to host and run your applications or workloads.

    With a multitude of services and a constantly evolving platform, architecting the right AWS solution and managing it can be challenging. Whether you have already deployed AWS or are considering it for your business, we can help. We, in partnership with AWS, can bring you improved agility, flexibility, business expansion along with cost savings. Our AWS Cloud Advisory Services help you migrate to and build on the AWS Cloud, bringing countless growth possibilities.

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    Microsoft Azure Services

    Microsoft Azure offers businesses a flexible, on-demand and consumption-based platform to build, manage and deploy applications on a massive global network.

    Due to its scalability, reliability and affordability, Azure appeals to organizations of all sizes as a cloud computing platform of choice, and has become a compelling alternative to traditional on-premise data centers. As a most experienced Microsoft Azure Cloud Services Partner, with a range of Microsoft Certified Professionals on Azure, we help you fully exploit the power of Azure Cloud Computing platform. Our Azure services help you transition applications, data, and users, then continue to support your roll-out and take advantage of the agility cloud provides to meet your ongoing, changing needs.

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    Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Services

    Harness the power of innovation with Idexcel’s Google Cloud Platform (GCP) expertise and global reach.

    Directed by innovation and conviction to be at the leading edge of cloud technology, we at Idexcel ensure a frictionless and smooth adoption of our cloud services.Our comprehensive GCP cloud expertise makes us your trusted partner who will guide and support you at every phase of your cloud journey. Our GCP certified experts partner with you to understand your business transformation goals and then develop a comprehensive plan for execution. Whether you are looking to incorporate GCP for a specific business need or want to broaden your base of cloud platforms, we can advise you on the right fit for your GCP investment.

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    Problem Resolution

    Change Management

    Security and Governance Control

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    Being regarded as one of the top-notch android app development companies, we maintain the expertise to deliver yourself the exclusive apps which showcase your business efficiently in front of the smart-phone audience. At QSET, our team of app developers is skillful in creating, developing, testing, and deploying feature-rich Android apps. We have successfully served various clients having different goals, which proudly make us ready to handle all sorts of complicated app issues.

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    Custom Android Application Development

    Client-Server Applications

    Apps for Travel, Entertainment, and Lifestyle

    Android Security Apps

    Apps for Advertisements and Promotions

    Location-based Android Apps

    Games Application Development

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