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About AWS Well Architected Framework Review

The Well-Architected framework was created to aid cloud architects in creating the most secure, high-performing, robust, and efficient infrastructure for their applications. This framework gives customers and partners a uniform way to analyze architectures and directions on how to develop designs that will grow with your application’s demands over time.

Advantage of AWS Well Architected Framework

Build and Deploy Faster: By creating cloud-native architectures, we can stop guessing capacity needs, test systems at scale, and use automation to make experimentation easier.

Lower or Mitigate Risks: Understanding where risks exist in your architecture and mitigating them before deploying your apps.

Make Informed Decisions: Identifying how architectural choices and/or trade-offs may affect application performance and availability and business consequences.

“The AWS Well-Architected framework includes strategies to help you compare your workload against best practices, and obtain guidance to produce stable and efficient systems so that you can focus on functional requirements.”

    The Five Pillars of the Well-Architected Framework

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    Operational Excellence

    Focusing on the operation and monitoring of systems to create corporate value and the continuous improvement of processes and procedures. Improving efficiency and effectiveness, deployment frequency, deployment speed, failure rates, and mean time to recovery are crucial success indicators.

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    Information and system security. Confidentiality, data integrity, privilege management, security incident management, and controls are all part of this. SOC2, ISO-27001, and GDPR compliance are all things to consider when measuring your workload.

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    Attempting to avoid failures. Having the capacity to swiftly recover in the case of a failure is essential. Setting up, cross-project needs, recovery plans, change management, high availability, and automated deployments are all factors to consider. With effective monitoring and an auto-healing mechanism, failures can be reduced by 50%.

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    Performance Efficiency

    Increasing performance and availability by 20% – 25% more within budget constraints. Choose the right resources — whether instances, containers, or functions – and kinds to maximize usage. Storage efficiency, database technology, edge performance, and service leveraging are all factors to consider.

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    Cost Optimization

    Keeping expenditures to a minimum. Choosing the appropriate instance types. Examining how much time was spent on overtime. Taking into account rare occurrences and regional dispersion. Good tagging and lifecycle management. Overall operational costs are expected to be reduced by 30% to 40%.

    AWS Well-Architected Framework General Design Principles

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    Automating your process as much as possible


    Securing your infrastructure at every layer


    Scaling only when capacity demands

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    Evolving your architecture to adopt emerging technology

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    Meeting RTO & RPO objectives


    Incorporating resiliency in your application

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    Organizing game days occasionally

    Qset AWS Well-Architected Roles and Responsibilities

    Our AWS certified solution architect will work closely with your team to review your workload and produce a detailed report outlining actionable items, timeframes, as well as provide prescriptive guidance in each of the key architectural pillars.

    Monitors your cloud infrastructure services along SME’s from AWS to evaluate and recommend remediation’s of our findings.

    Qset is aiming at providing the cloud community a better grip of the situation so that better decisions, that are crucial for cloud advancement, can be made.

    Qset will submit a review and analysis document, outlining all findings and recommendations corresponding to Well-Architected framework.

    Well-Architected framework offers a consistent method to selected partners who have the exclusivity of evaluating various architectures for specific use cases, and providing measures for an application’s improvement. With our commitment towards excellence, this instrument is going to be vital in transforming the face of the in-field cloud infrastructure.

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