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Product Development

We are a comprehensive IT Solutions company helping startups and giants invest wisely and have the best ROI on their software products with the best product development and re-engineering consulting services. 

In this competitive world, providing add-on features to your software will not make it beat your competitors. So how do you knock your rival’s product and get yours to the top? 

The answer lies in reaching beyond the individual benefits and fulfilling the customer’s exact requirements while keeping your product as user-friendly as possible. 

It is only possible when you have a proven roadmap to build a product that is loved by the masses. A roadmap that you can follow like a blueprint for success. That is when product development consultants come in to play. 

 At Qset, we understand what drives your business forward and offer solutions to your end-users. We strongly believe in equipping different perspectives while building so that you can get an exact idea of your end-users exact requirements.

We offer product engineering, re-engineering, and consulting services for startups and giants of various industries developing enterprise and consumer software products. Qset’s product development consulting expertise span across the three types of products:

Vertical Products

Products focused on a specific industry.

Horizontal Products

Product focused on a specific business process in all industries. 

Consumer Products

Product focused on end-user of any industry.

Services Qset offers in web development product consultant:

Our expert team of consultants leads the product design and development process for your upright growth.

QSET Product Consultant - Design

Design and consult a new product

We plan to lead, not to follow. Qset’s experts help you design a product that is capable of making you an industry leader. Our result-oriented approach encourages you to answer all the requirements of your customers.

QSET Product Consultant - Re-engineer

Re-engineer an existing product

We help get the best out of your existing product. Qset understands if a product profoundly integrates with your system; requires only an up-gradation. Our team of experts helps you with re-engineering a product that is capable of completing your job. 

QSET Product Consultant - Launch New Brand

Launch a new brand

Every startup needs to become a brand. Our marketing engineers help you build a brand that your people love to interact with and find it user-friendly. Qset assists you in making a mark in your industry by launching a new brand.

QSET Product Consultant

Product consulting

We act as a catalyst to accelerate your strategic planning process. We focus ourselves on helping you create a long-lasting product in this competitive market and become a leader in the marketplace.

Choose From A Variety Of Hiring Models

Hosting with various business models & practical environments is a challenge & holding an industry-leading web development company, we realize it.


Dedicated Team

If you describe a company with a project that needs dedicated recognition, ask regarding dedicated teams. It’s a pay-as-you-go monthly rolling contract.

No hidden costs

Monthly billing

Pay only for measurable work

No hidden costs160 Hours of part & full time


Controlled Agile

The established agile engagement pattern satisfies best for the who have a bounded budget and still requires some flexibility upon the dynamic conditions.

Small projects

Optimal flexibility

Agile Team

Complete control over budget

Time & material_qset

Time & Material

If you represent a business with limitless projects and require ongoing work, ask concerning hourly. It’s a pay-as-you-go hour-wise rolling agreement.

No hidden costs

Requirement based working hours

Pay only for measurable work

Monthly billing


Services We Offer To Our Esteemed Clients

website development company website development company website development company website development company


Website Design & Devel.

More Info

A website is more than just your digital presence. It is the approach to showcase your skills, encourage your audience to take action, and demonstrate how your business can help them succeed. Qset designs and develops websites that prioritize your marketing strategy and Ux, making your website stands out from the rest. Read More


Web App Development

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Converting ideas into a highly-responsive customized web app is what we do. Implementing a web app facilitates your business to go on autopilot mode. Qset provides simple customizations to full-cycle web app development that matches your vision, optimizes productivity, and generate maximum ROI for your business. Read More


Mobile App Development

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The most successful businesses have at least one mobile app in their arsenal. You can immerse your customers with a premium digital experience. And having an app shows how committed you are to provide value to your audience. Qset delivers a rich experience to your users, which eventually grows your business revenue. Read More


UI and UX Design

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Qset is a comprehensive UI UX agency creating sophisticated and user-oriented products for web and mobile. Our humane approach lets us understand your audience, identify their pain points, and present the best solutions, enhancing their experience with your brand. Qset can deliver the Ui/Ux you want your clients to feel. Read More


Digital Marketing

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It’s time to elevate your marketing strategy and make use of your investment in digital marketing. We implement unconventional ideas to persuade your audience to take action. Qset treats every brand with best-in-class digital marketing services, whether you are a startup or a giant in the industry. Read More

Product Consultation

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We are a comprehensive IT Solutions company helping startups and giants invest wisely and have the best ROI on their software products with the best product development and re-engineering consulting services. Read More