well established and here for you

Join Our Team

well established and here for you

The Team

Join Our Team

 Do you get electrified to learn and hone ‘technology’? We are here to pull you in!
Qset has its doors open to inquisitive minds that love to learn and innovate with technology. As a team, let us grow and empower each other with healthy sessions to brainstorm and discuss creative thoughts and market trends as we work on challenging projects altogether.

Enthusiastic minds – Welcome aboard!

    law as a way of life

    The Partners

    Brian Lewis

    Founding Partner

    Chas R. Walker


    Christy Mullen


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    The Associates

    David B. Bass

    Mergers & Acquisitions

    Jennifer Mankin


    Ann Allen

    Real Estate

    Paul Chan


    Robert McCrary

    Real Estate

    Debbie Hendry

    Labor Law

    Andrew Smith

    Mergers & Acquisitions

    Jeanelle Dale


    Christina Amerson

    Capital Markets, M&A

    Anna Klatt

    Drug Crimes

    Angela Butler

    Project Finance Practice

    Joseph A. Williams

    family law

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